Dolores River Campground

The Dolores River Campground is a beautiful, tree-filled campground that provides a true Colorado get-away. We are located in Dolores Colorado on the San Juan Skyway with the scenic Dolores River running through the campground. In addition to great fly-fishing on the river, we also have an on-site fishing pond. Your hosts (pictured above) are; Billy, Lainey, Bridger and Heidi Beyhan. We purchased the campground in May 2013 and LOVE our new lifestyle here…we can’t wait to share it with you!

Our amenities include:

  • Large recreation hall with commercial kitchen, available for private functions with reservations
  • Well equipped Laundry room
  • Clean, spacious bathrooms
  • Dog walk / Nature trail through Bullwinkle Woods
  • River Walk
  • Ice, firewood and propane for sale
  • Gift shop providing locally produced items, jewelry, the necessities and snacks
  • Saturday evening ice cream socials (Memorial Day – Labor Day).
  • 4th of July cookout / potluck party.
  • Labor Day weekend  pig roast / potluck / luau party.

Our Season: May 1 – October 28

Reservations:  Call Lainey or Billy at 970-882-7761 or email us at doloresrivercampground@gmail.com
















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Thomas SparrowI like the green one with the basket.1 week ago

Sarah KamstraThe trike!!1 week ago

Lizardhead CycleryAll baskets can hold two 24 packs each1 week ago

Deborah BenjaminYour sweet hard tail blends right in1 week ago

Linda CookGreat idea.1 week ago

Linda CookI especially like the neon green with the basket. Wow...1 week ago

Dolores River CampgroundFirst person with the correct number of bicycles wins a DRC shot glass.....1 week ago

Lizardhead Cyclery11!!!1 week ago

Dolores River CampgroundThat was too easy.....you are correct !!!! I will bring the shot glass with the trike.1 week ago

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Lizardhead CycleryI'll be here til 6:00pm1 week ago

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Janet NemanicHow awesome!3 weeks ago

Michael JonesYou're welcome!3 weeks ago

Jessica Rose HatchBest eggs go to the best people! We have too much fun up there. Have to bring presents!!!2 weeks ago

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Don Greiderthis is on/for the pond? Soooo GOOD!! ;-)3 weeks ago

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Dolores River CampgroundDave Sipe is the master artist.3 weeks ago

Dolores River CampgroundThe totem is in site 81, best spot in the campground.3 weeks ago

Tom DustinWe saw that while out walking the dogs yesterday, very cool indeed! We were out by 6:30 AM and we are home and unpacked in Overgaard, AZ already. Can't wait to see you all next time!3 weeks ago

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